What is All My Eggs?

It’s a collection of fiction, nonfiction and radio stories, with something new being posted (and, if you subscribe, emailed directly to you) approximately once a month. There’s also an archive of past stories that have been accumulated over the last year and a bit. Stories are of varying quality and subject matter. None of them have anything to do with eggs (so far).

Why should I subscribe?

  1. If you like the content, then you get something new and interesting and different straight to your inbox every month.

  2. If you don’t like the content but you want to be nice to me, then subscribing will boost my ego, and all you’ll have to do is very easily ignore the emails.

  3. If you hate the content and you personally hate me and want me to suffer then… well why did you even get this far? But, I guess, subscribing will allow you a monthly chance to further fuel your hatred?

  4. Climate change (I include this in every list of reasons I ever make).

  5. Why shouldn’t you subscribe, you know?

So I should subscribe?

Yes please.