Historical nonfiction. I've got the Fever. Plenty of medals in the back pocket already.
Fragmented nonfiction. Is Wednesday still Hump Day if we had the Monday off for Lizzy?
Fiction. Written mostly on the train. Jeez I miss the Summer of Cricket.
Nonfiction. Just some admin, really.
Fiction. Ambitious t-shirt crossover fiction, though. The best kind of fiction.
Radio Fiction. This one is pretty weird. Good luck.
Nonfiction. Putting the Psycho in Psychoanalysis. Yeah I'm still doing these.
Radio Fiction. That was actually on the Radio. Like, the AM Dial and everything.
Nonfiction. Extremely brief thank you's and goodbyes, including an obligatory vision-based anecdote.
Nonfiction. I think. I'm still not convinced it really happened, even with the x-rays. This is a cautionary tale about Vortex's and beautiful Saturdays.
Radio Fiction. Brief nonfiction/advertising elements. Glimpses of ABBA.
Nonfiction. A bit of horseplay. Why the long face?