Dear Little Kaylee

Radio Fiction. That was actually on the Radio. Like, the AM Dial and everything.

Merry Almost Christmas.

In the altogether un-Christmasy energy of a very wet mid-October, I was lucky enough to write and record the following little story for ABC Radio National.

Though I’d love the soundcloud stats, I’m just going to link the ABC’s website. They retain the rights to the story for like 23 years or something weird, and I don’t want to cross them since they, unbelievably, gave me some money. And their money comes from the taxpayer. So really, you paid for this story… Assuming you’re above the taxable income threshold, which personally I’m about five-thousand radio stories away from reaching.

I’m on right at the start, it goes for like three and a half minutes. Very endurable stuff.

Have a good Christmas break and a hopefully much better New Year!

Comeoooooon the vaccine.