Dec 1, 2020 • 15M

Elephant in the Waterslide

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Somewhere between a movie, a short story and the voice in your head.
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‘There are two things you need to know from the beginning. First, Billy Everest has never, ever said a word. And second, sometimes waterslides are as dangerous as they look.’

Elephant in the Waterslide is the first ever episode of These Stories Are Not Real. Written in early 2018, re-written in early 2019,  totally ignored for a full calendar year, and then hurriedly revisited in October, Elephant in the Waterslide is a story about danger, punks and brain magic.

A version of this story will appear on FBi radio's ‘All the Best’ anthology.

Thanks as always to consulting producer Helen Wolfenden, and production assistance from Ryan Pemberton. Nic Lelli (@nicsketches) did the artwork, good job Nic. 

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